What is a ‘Micro-current Non-surgical’ face lift?

With age, weight gain, lifestyle or environmental factors, our facial muscles can tend to lose elasticity which can cause fine lines or a sagging chin; something that is a lot harder to target when trying to loose weight or when working out. A sagging face can cause you to look older than you are and can often make you look tired even if you may not feel tired physically.

At URimage we specialise in providing an effective non-surgical micro current face lift to reduce sagging chins and to visibly tone the skin, giving your face more of a contour.

What is Micro-current therapy?

This type of process has been researched into and developed for over 20 years, used popularly in the beauty industry to help enhance the appearance of skin tissue. As well as being highly effective it is a non-surgical process which means it is a quick and affordable alternative and pain free whilst still delivering results.

Did you know? this type of therapy is used by various big names like; Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Cliff Richard and many more.

How does it work?

Originally used to treat facial palsy, This process involves zapping small electrical currents in to your face to help tone and tighten facial muscles. At URimage we have a highly trained specialist who carefully carries out this procedure with precise movements, targeting the problem area and because of it’s low intensity, this process does not cause a physical or visual contraction of the muscle. Cotton buds are then used on the surface of the face to help transmit the micro-current energy to the facial muscles helping to restore tone and elasticity in the face.

Micro-current therapy also:

•   re-educates muscles
•   increases blood and lymph circulation
•   enhances the penetration of the active ingredients of skin care formulations
•   increases the production of collagen and elastin
•   increases protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis and cell membrane transport

At URimage we offer several packages which include regular Micro-current Non-Surgical Face Lift treatments. Whilst results can be noticed from the first treatment, it is recommended that top ups are performed regularly to achieve the best results.

Invest in yourself and consider a Micro-current face lift today as the benefits are not just physical, but can improve your internal systems too.

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Why Consider A Lymph Cleanse?

Did you know that our lymphatic system can become clogged overtime? Our lymphatic system is a vital part of our bodies as it is the network of tissues and organs which helps to flush out toxins, waste and any other unwanted material. If our lymphatic system remains congested, this can lead to a build up of toxins resulting in acne, bad breath and even weight gain.

But how can someone tell if their lymphatic system is clogged?

There is actually a long list of symptoms that could show that your lymphatic system is clogged. These are:

  • Fatigue
  • Stiffness
  • Itchy and dry skin
  • Bloating
  • Breast swelling with each cycle
  • Swollen glands
  • Stubborn weight gain
  • Cold hands and feet

There is also a long list of reasons why our lymphatic system can become clogged in the first place. These are:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Injuries
  • Constipation
  • Environmental toxins
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Ageing

So, what can URimage do to help?

At URimage, we offer a lymph cleansing treatment to help tackle fatigue and improve your general well-being, de-congesting the lymphatic system.

This is done through a process known as pressure therapy.

Pressure therapy works by putting air pressure on different parts of the body, compressing and decompressing numerous times to initiate lymphatic stimulation. This therapy works well to improve the circulation system, in addition to improving our immune system and can also help with digestion problems, if pressure is applied to the abdomen region. Pressure therapy also works well for those who wish to slim down as this, in combination with a healthy diet and exercise can be a lot more effective than dieting or exercise alone. Pressure therapy can also help eliminate cellulite as it drains the liquids, toxins and fats which cause this.

So, as well as the fact this treatment can de-congest our lymphatic system, there are numerous benefits to having this done and with the guidance from our expert team at URimage, in just a few sessions, you will begin to notice the results.

The lymphatic system is a vital part of our bodies and is often overlooked, at URimage we know the importance of this and work to treat these issues to improve your quality of life.

The dangers of french fries and ‘diet foods’

When we think of foods that are bad for us, we generally assume this is because it contributes to weight gain but did you know? some foods we consume are actually life threatening? that’s correct, life threatening. On the other hand, there are foods out there claiming to be good for you through its branding and name but as a matter of fact are worse to eat.


French fries 

When talking about killer foods the most obvious one is the french fry or ‘chip’, also deemed as ‘death in a stick’.

Did you know that one portion of fries can contain up to 540 calories per serving, and being a food typically eaten alongside a greasy burger or pizza you could already be using your recommended daily calorie intake all on one meal! It is obvious through the name, that a French FRY is no healthy option, bathed in oil and dipped in sauces, so why are they so popular? This actually comes down to science. Genetically, people are prone to choosing foods to eat that are going to be tasty which calls for a lot of sugar or salt in the food, so, if you were to fry a piece of broccoli in a pool of oil and coat it in tons of sugar or salt, the chances are more people are going to want to it eat as opposed to a steamed version of broccoli.

Several fast food chains are known for their golden and crispy french fries, so much so, that when a study was carried out examining the science behind peoples love for a particular fast food chains fries, several factors were discovered which lead to the ‘love’ of these fries. The study revealed that 90 percent of the reason why fast food fries are so popular is down to the easily recognisable smell. Did you know? Fast food restaurants actually use a chemical in the vegetable oil they fry in that allows people to instantly recognise the smell of the fries. As well as this, fries contain salt, fat and a type of sugar known as dextrose which makes the fries ‘tasty’.

The most interesting thing that was come across when learning about fries though, was the fact that many fast food french fries are known to release a chemical called ‘dopamine’ into the brain, which triggers a feeling of pleasure amongst humans – so it could be said that french fries actually attract people psychologically.

But how do fries KILL? Fries are a very starchy food, and when cooked at a high temperature, this can form a chemical compound known as Acrylamide which has can have a toxic effect on humans beings. This chemical compound can cause deadly tumours in our lungs, glands and the thyroid. As well as this, past experimentation’s reveal that eating fries up to twice a week can lead to a shorter life span. So is the fry really worth it? No. In the same way fries psychologically entice us to be eaten, we should set ourselves the mindset that they are in fact, deadly.


Diet foods 

When a brand or company uses the word ‘diet’ you naturally assume that the products being sold will only benefit you. This however, is not always the case. There are actually many problems with diet foods which prove why you should always source and prepare your own meals, particularly when trying to slim down.

To begin with, the diet industry is known for selling ‘low fat’ foods, but what is not very well known is that a lot of these foods as a result of being low fat, are high in sugar. Diet foods can contain a minimum of 2 teaspoons of sugar per serving and at times contain enough sugar to equate the levels of fat that could have been inside the product. Not only does this actually encourage weight gain, diet products with so much sugar can increase your risks of acne, diabetes, heart disease and so much more. Take granola for example; an item thousands of dieters around the world eat for a ‘healthy breakfast’. Many types of granola contain molasses, syrups and oils and when mixed in with these ‘low fat’ but high in sugar yogurts, the calories and sugar levels begin to rise up.

diet foods also tend to play on our minds. When something is branded healthier, you may think that eating more of it will not matter because it is a ‘diet-food’. As well as this, because the food is not as filling, it takes more of the product to feel full which can cause you to be consuming more calories than you would eating a product that isn’t ‘diet friendly’.

At URimage, we understand that many people have body concerns, which is why we offer a range of non-surgical slimming treatments more effective than supposed diet brands, that are pain free and most importantly – affordable.

It is important to take care of ourselves setting the mindset that a healthy lifestyle will only improve our quality of life, this can start by avoiding the big no-no’s when it comes to food.

4 major benefits to drinking water

Did you know? as we get older, our cell permeability becomes lower. The less hydration our skin absorbs, the more leather like and dry it becomes leading to more fine lines and wrinkles. The texture of leather has zero permeability which is why with older skin, it is almost impossible to absorb moisture properly.

At URimage, we use a combination of advance technology treatments to repair the skins ability to absorb moisture, through the restoration of hylaronic acid within the skin, to provide the natural ability to keep skin hydrated as and when needed.

Drinking water is such an important element to every human beings diet; in fact, studies suggest an amount of 2 litres of water should be consumed per day- something relatively easy to achieve but often neglected or substituted for juices or hot drinks.

The benefits to drinking water are endless, but there are 4 key benefits that drinking water has.

Water contributes to flushing out toxins

Water can contribute massively to how toxins are flushed out of our bodies. A build up of toxins can cause acne, brain fog, bloating and many more unwanted problems.

So how does the body flush out these toxins? this actually comes down to our bodys’ lymphatic system. Our lymph nodes contain lymphocytes, which evaluate and destroy the harmful toxins in our body ensuring that the waste products in our body do not build up or congest our tissues. But where does water come into this? Well, water makes up 95 percent of our lymph fluid and the less hydrated we are, the less ‘fluid-like’ this fluid becomes which can cause lymph congestion and therefore slow down how our body flushes out toxins. The more hydrated we are, the better our lymphatic system can work to flush out these toxins.

Water helps with weight loss

Did you know that our bodies feel hunger and thirst in the same way? so next time you think you’re hungry, have a few glasses of water – you might just discover that you were actually thirsty as opposed to being hungry! Water is also a good way of suppressing hunger – something beneficial when trying to lose weight. Several resources suggest drinking a glass or two of water before eating a meal allows you to feel fuller leading to eating less. Studies reveal that a group of people who drank water before a meal ate 75 to 90 calories fewer compared to not consuming any water before a meal – it would take 15 minutes of fast cycling to burn 75 calories through exercise!

Replacing any drinks you have for water also helps reduce your calorie intake as water contains 0 calories, compared to an average cup of coffee with 2 teaspoons of sugar and milk, containing around 79 calories.

It is equally as important however, to exercise and partake in some form of cardio on a regular basis as this will help with our blood circulation. If you think about mountain rivers in comparison to slow moving rivers, you will notice how mountain rivers are a lot more cleaner than still rivers. This is because the fast pace of the water helps clear out any dirt or pollution as opposed to a slow moving river which instead, stores all of this. Our bodies work in the same way! the more we move and exercise, the cleaner and less ‘polluted’ our bodies will be.

Water improves the way your skin looks

Drinking water is said to help brighten your complexion causing you to ‘glow’, as well as helping to prevent acne because of the fact water flushes out bacteria from within.

Whilst our skin relies heavily on water for rejuvenation, it is worth keeping in mind that not just ANY water will work. Did you know? that sweetened water or ‘flavoured water’ for example, can negatively impact the skin. These contain high levels of sucrose and artificial sweeteners which can cause breakouts in addition to bloating and stomach problems and so, this kind of water is seen as a big taboo when it comes to the health of your skin.

In recent years, the phenomenon of alkaline water has grown. Our skin is made up of many cells, the ability to absorb hydration through these cells is known as ‘cell permeability’. Cell permeability is said to be 70% higher if the water is alkaline as alkaline water contains antioxidants that prevent the growth of ‘cell damaging, free radicals’ therefore slowing down the ageing process.

Water puts you in a better mood 

One of the main causes of fatigue is dehydration. Our body looses water through sweat, tears and urine and if this water is not supplied back to our bodies this can tire them out slowing down activity and how fast our immune system works. Dehydration can lead to a higher level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in our bodies, therefore drinking a good amount of water can help to balance this leading to feeling less stressed out when hydrated and essentially in a better mood.

Water also helps to run your internal system better so when you feel good inside this can affect your mood positively on the outside. Because water is known for providing energy, this allows people to want to become more active and energetic positively impacting their mood.

Confidence and health is important to URimage and drinking the right amount of water can contribute to this massively, it is important to ALWAYS stay hydrated.

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